A mother and child walk in the park

Reflections on Yoga and Parenting

As some of you may know, this month we had our baby girl – Josephine. Her older brother Westie is only 17 months old…. So yes, we’re a busy bunch! We feel boundlessly lucky with our little family. With young
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Close up of flowers, with a group of people practicing yoga in the background

Be Accessible: Modifying the Modo Sequence

Happy crisp sunny days to all of you.   Lately my mind has been drawn over and over to the concept of the “the individual expression vs collective well being of the group/community.” It is the clash that you see
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Student lying in child's pose

Finding Focus

The more I practice yoga the more of its countless benefits I uncover. One advantage I didn’t expect to gain when I first began to practice is the effect it has on my attention, focus, and overall productivity outside of
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