Example of low impact wrapping paper

Pillar Talk: Be Green

The Modo Yoga Community was built around 6 philosophical pillars, each one informing the decisions and everyday actions of the studios. This month in our new blog series “Pillar Talk”, we explore Modo’s third Pillar: Be Green.

At the heart of a yoga practice is the willingness to see the world beyond our own experience. Be Green means that we dedicate ourselves to the protection and regeneration of the natural world. We need the trees, the water, the air and the diversity of all life in order to survive and thrive.We plant trees. We protect the biodiversity of our tropical forests. We support organizations that safeguard our waterways and we build and operate our studios with conservation as our guide.

Be Green: Holiday Edition


The holiday season is the most wasteful time of the year. Each Canadian creates 50 kg of garbage throughout the holidays, which is 25% more than the rest of the year. Unfortunately most of this waste ends up in landfills. Here are some tips and tricks to help you #begreen this holiday season.


Give the gift of quality time


Instead of a gift exchange that creates extraneous waste, plan special outings with your friends and family. Get outside for a hike and enjoy the beautiful gift of nature, or have a potluck and share your favourite dishes (make sure to bring your reusable containers to bring home any leftovers!).


Purchase second hand gifts


Thrift stores are the best places to find one of a kind gifts that are sure to be a hit – and it will help reduce resource consumption too! While you’re at it, have a look through your own closets, drawers, or bookshelves to see what belongings of yours could use a new home.


Use alternative wrapping papers


Did you know that most wrapping paper isn’t recyclable? Get creative with wrapping your gifts this year and limit your waste in the process by using reusable bags, newspaper, recycled paper, or even fabric!

Original Image courtesy of: https://www.care2.com/greenliving/how-to-keep-your-holiday-shopping-zero-waste.html