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Protecting BC’s Forests – Sierra Club BC

At Modo Yoga Vancouver, we strive to incorporate the Be Green pillar into as many facets of studio life as we can. From implementing Zero Waste strategies in our cleaning products and buying locally sourced products, to supporting environmental charities with our weekly Karma initiatives, Be Green is a very active part of our studio identity.

When it came to choosing our next charity, we wanted to support a cause that was extremely relevant to our students and specific location. When we spoke with Senior Forest and Climate Campaigner Jens Wieting about Sierra Club and the work they do on Vancouver Island, we immediately connected to their campaign and were eager to take action to support BC’s remaining ancient forests.

Three square metres every second – this is the rate at which the last rare ancient trees on Vancouver Island are being cut.

BC’s old-growth and communities are in crisis. Raw log exports are at a record high and mills are closing. Climate change and massive forest fires are here to stay. But we are still clearcutting our most resilient and carbon rich forests at an alarming rate.

The provincial government promised made a commitment in 2017 to sustainably manage BC’s spectacular rivers, lakes, watersheds, forests and old-growth trees.

More than a year has passed and we are still waiting for action. The time is now –  – before it’s too late.

The science is clear: we must stop clearcutting endangered old-growth. BC needs science-based conservation plan for endangered rainforest using elements of the celebrated Great Bear Rainforest Agreements combined with strong support for First Nations and good long-term forestry jobs.

BC’s coastal temperate rainforests are among the rarest ecosystems on the planet, but today only 10% of Vancouver Island’s biggest old-growth trees are still standing. Because of climate change, these forests will never grow back as we knew them – if we cut them, they’ll be gone forever. 

You can join us in our support of this crucial campaign by attending our weekly Karma and Community Classes. If you want to get involved in this campaign outside of yoga class, you can visit them online at, consider a membership, and send a message to the BC government at